Restaurant & Room Service

Intimate and comfortable our dining room offers a variety of good healthy food both Asian and Western. Our

vegetables are organically grown and all other ingredients market fresh and delicious – certainly no

preservatives are used. Our chef Mendez has been frequently honored for his cuisine. Simple, interesting and

memorable. Although Indonesian food, based on much research into local herbs and spices, is his specialty,

Mendez’s repertoire also includes Thai, Vietnamese and European food based on recipes he has gathered from

traveling to these places Mendez will sit with you on your arrival to learn about your culinary likes and



Vegetarian dishes-plenty to choose from! Cooking genius Jamie Oliver is Mendez’s hero. Many of his recipes are

based on what he has learn from Jamie, sometimes adapted them with the use of local fresh ingredients.


By special arrangement you can join Mendez in the kitchen and learn direct about the preparation of local

cuisine. A limited wine list is available. Try our tamarind fruit Margarita as a starter to dinner – it’s the

specially at Gajah Biru.