Ubud Culture


Ubud Culture

Balinese culture is its own kind and unique. Festivals, religious ceremonies, rituals and other mysterious activities are a part of daily life for the locals.

Ubud is known in the world for keeping its traditions, culture and heritage alive. Not a single day goes without seeing ritual, dance, performance of wayang kulit (shadow puppets), elaborated offerings or mysterious sounds of a gamelon orchestra to please the gods or passerby visitor to the island.

Balinese are known to be the most self content individuals. Ask any Balinese, what is heaven like and the answer will be “another place like bali”. It really says it all.

No wonder, many of the world known painters, actors, writers, designers, chefs, dancers, carvers and you name it have made their havens in this area.
We are blessed to be living here to share our experience with the visitors to this island.